The creation of the MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle came from a desire for a healthier, more environmentally sustainable, hydrating and supplementing experience. Living an active and healthy lifestyle, creators Matthew Kempe and Jarahad Valeri, found themselves unsatisfied by conventional water and shaker bottles.

Frustrated by poor quality bottles, they set out to design a bottle that looked good and provided a healthier way to hydrate and fuel their bodies. One that would join them on their fitness journey wherever that may take them.

After months of research and development, detailed research led the MOUS team to discover that poor quality plastics filled with potentially harmful chemicals and the inability to thoroughly clean the bottle could lead to health issues for the user.

After the eye-opening findings, MOUS shifted their focus to designing a fitness bottle that would place the health of the user at the center. This led to the MOUS mission, one of providing people with a healthier, more hygienic hydration and supplementation experience.

This resulted in the MOUS Fitness Bottle, a bottle with a sole purpose of being easy to clean, removing all sharp corners and crevices for where bacteria could accumulate. Making it the first bottle that truly focused on the health of the user by reducing odour and bacteria accumulation. 

The MOUS mission is to provide people with a healthier more hygienic drinking experience, through unique products, that combine style and functionality, whilst seamlessly fitting into their busy lifestyle.

At MOUS, your health is our focus.