MOUS was founded in 2015 by Matthew Kempe and Jarahad Valeri in Melbourne, Australia. A purposeful, lifestyle brand with an objective to inspire personal narratives through elevating life's daily finer moments and reflecting identity through sustainable, contemporary, personal accessories. The MOUS Fitness Bottle is the first product of the range of personal accessories.

mous fitness bottle in a boxing ring

The Collection

Aesthetic functionalism. We adopt a particular design, craftsmanship and material selection process that pays meticulous attention to quality, aesthetics and sustainability. We use our contemporary vision and original mindset to challenge acceptable allowing us to innovate and create original accessories. We ensure that the longevity of our products is maximised and that our products are a true reflection of our customers personality and lifestyle. 

Positive Impact

As a brand we believe that we have an obligation to consider our impact on the wellbeing of the planet. That's why sustainability is a core pillar that drives all facets of our business operations and product design. We make it our responsibility to create desirable products that benefit consumers lifestyles for extended periods of time. 

grey mous fitness bottle infront of boxing bag

Reflection of Identity

We believe that style, fashion and personality transcend the obvious. That's why, with all of our products, we strive for original aesthetics and attractive design. Our products are an extension of your personality and a mirror of identity and lifestyle. First impressions are only made once. 

Unique Narratives

Life is the sequence of unique events. It’s our belief that all daily moments whether monumental or routine, should be experienced and elevated to be enjoyed at their fullest. After all these moments are the events that distinguish and define our personal stories.