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MOUS Fitness Bottle

MOUS fitness bottle - A shaker bottle, water infuser and water bottle all in one.

The MOUS fitness and shaker bottle has been designed to give you a healthier and more hygienic hydration experience by reducing the ability of bacteria growth and by using BPA free and non-toxic materials.

 It’s the multipurpose fitness bottle that is a water infuser bottle, shaker bottle and reusable water bottle all in one.  Shake supplements, infuse water and enjoy smoothies on the go! Hydrate, fuel and nourish your body with the MOUS fitness bottle.

Designed with your health in mind.

Stylish and functional! The unique design places your health as the main focus, eliminating the likelihood of substance build-up and bacteria growth. Designed for much more than just looks!

mous fitness bottle designed for your health and hygiene
Leak proof! For wherever your active lifestyle takes you.

Leak proof! Containing a soft rubber seal that ensures a water tight fit.

Giving you the confidence to throw it in

your gym, travel or hand bag and be worry free.

fruit infuse waters with the mous water infuser it's leak proof
Supplements, water infusions and smoothies.

A companion for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Infuse your detox waters, shake your supplements and enjoy your smoothies,

it’s the fitness bottle with more than one purpose. For how you choose

to hydrate and fuel your body. 

the mous fitness bottle so many uses water infuser shaker bottle and smoothie bottle
The difference is in the small details.
Five discretely placed measurement increments that are partially visible when assembled and fully visible
when disassembled. Referencing both ounces and milliliters.
Holding a total volume 28 oz or 850 ml. 
water bottle and shaker bottle with measurements
An effortless clean.
A modular form, designed around the average human proportions, allowing you to adequately clean
all surfaces. The unique round bottom eliminates the accumulation of excess beverage remnants minimising 
the development of bacteria and odours. If you’re feeling lazy, don’t worry it’s dishwasher safe!
the easy to clean water bottle designed to reduce bacteria accumulation in a reusable water bottle
Functionality that compliments style.
A friction hinge that blends into the overall design, allowing a full 180 degree range of motion so 
that it doesn't get in your way while drinking. Along with a minimalist drinking spout that makes your drinking
experience more comfortable and provides a perfect liquid flow.
non-stick and odor resistant shaker bottle