Workout any-time anywhere! Workout series by Gina Maria. Part 3

This week’s weekly workout series is by Gina Maria! Gina – with an impressive list of training and nutrition certifications – has a goal to help those of you with very little time to achieve your health and fitness goals!

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Workout #3 - Friday: Core

A strong core is pretty vital for overall strength. While core work is often motivated for aesthetic gains, it yields many benefits such as injury prevention and overall stability. Here are four of my favorite core moves that will have you feeling and looking great!


Plank Up Downs:


  • Assume the push-up position.
  • Lower yourself to your elbows, one at a time.
  • Raise the right side of your body by pressing your right hand against the floor and straightening your arm, then do the same on your left side.
  • Lower yourself back to your elbows, first with your left arm, then with your right. 
  • Keep your body aligned the entire time with your core nice and tight.



Plank Twists:


  • Assume plank position and lower one hip to the floor, then return to start position.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.



Weighted Pike


  • Lie flat on the ground (preferably on a mat or a carpet).
  • Put your arms straight above your head (while lying on the ground) with arms and legs both straight out. You should be holding the weight on either side of the dumbbell. Your body should form a straight line. 
  • Lift your arms and legs simultaneously until hands touch your shins or feet. Make sure you arms and legs are as straight as possible, and your core is engaged. Your core should be doing the majority of the work.
  • Hold position for two seconds at the top, then slowly lower to start position. Repeat the movement.



Knee Tuck


  • Sitting on the ground, keeping your core tight, lower back straight with hands gently out by your side. 
  • Lift your legs up off the ground. 
  • Simultaneously draw your knees to your chest and curl your upper body toward the centre. Squeeze and then release. 
  • Lower & straighten your legs back to start position. Try to keep your legs still off the ground and then repeat. 



Now go get to it!

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