How is the MOUS fitness bottle and shaker bottle odour resistant?

The MOUS fintess bottle and shaker is not odour proof, however the design helps in eliminating the ability of odour accumulation. The round bottom of the cup and the unique design of the thread, eliminates the ability of excess supplement build-up, further it allows you to adequately clean your bottle leaving no residual supplement behind to accumulate bacteria. Additionally, the high quality plastic that the MOUS fitness bottle is made of consists of far smaller surface pores, than other plastics limiting the plastics ability to absorb and retain odour. 

How do I assemble/disassemble my MOUS fitness bottle?

The MOUS Fitness Bottle has been designed to ensure you can adequately clean your bottle effortlessly. Therefore we designed the bottle into modules.

Disassembling: To remove the frame from the cup simply hold the lid (or top of the cup if you do not have the lid on) and wedge your fingers between the round bottom of the cup and the frame. This force should pop the frame right off.

Assembling: To put the frame back onto the cup, line the key (located on the back of the cup near the measurement increments) to the key hole on the back, top of the frame. Slide the frame up and click it into position. Note if you have done it correctly you will hear an audible click and the frame band will line up with the cap. 

How do I open the cap?

Simply pop the cap off by holding onto the lid and pushing up on one of the front undersides of the cap with your thumb. Do not push from the middle.

Why does my MOUS fitness bottle smell when I first get it?

It is not uncommon for there to be a new bottle smell to your MOUS fitness bottle. This smell is due to the bottle being sealed tightly for an extended period of time after manufacturing.  Do not be concerned, this smell will disappear after washing and using your MOUS.

Is the MOUS fitness bottle and shaker glass?

No. The MOUS Fitness Bottle is made of top quality, food grade plastic that experiences and displays glass like characteristics. 

How is the MOUS fitness bottle leak proof?

The MOUS fitness bottle adopts a soft seal, moulded into the lid. The seal has been designed to engage with the cup in two different ways to ensure a water tight seal.The cap adopts a similar approach, in which it too engages at two different points with the soft seal. It is the users responsibility to tighten the bottle correctly, to ensure the seal has been engaged and prevent any possibility of leaking. 

Is the MOUS fitness bottle and shaker available in other colours?

Currently the MOUS fitness bottle is only available in Black and Pink. MOUS may explore the idea of introducing new colours in the future.

Can the MOUS fitness bottle be used for hot beverages (tea, coffee, etc.)?

The MOUS fitness bottle can be used for hot beverages. However, we do suggest doing so carefully and suggest doing so with the lid off, and using it as a mug/cup. If misused, the steam inside the bottle could force the cap to open causing potential harm.



Where is the MOUS fitness bottle and shaker designed and manufactured?

The MOUS fitness bottle is designed in Melbourne, Australia, and manufactured in China.

Is the MOUS fitness bottle BPA Free?

Your well-being is extremely important to us. Therefore we have manufactured the MOUS fitness bottle from the highest quality food grade and BPA free plastic.

Does the MOUS fitness bottle have measurements?

Yes. The MOUS fitness bottle has measurement increments of 4oz. These increments are located on the back of the clear cup and are visible via small tabs when assembled.

What is the volume of the MOUS fitness bottle?

The MOUS fitness bottle can hold up to 28 oz equivalent to 800 ml.

Can my MOUS fitness bottle be placed in the freezer?

Your MOUS Fitness Bottle is freeze safe and can therefore be stored in the freezer, however, we do not recommend storing your MOUS Fitness Bottle in the freezer for a prolonged period of time.

Is the MOUS Ffitness bottle dishwasher safe?

The MOUS Fitness Bottle is dishwasher safe. We recommend disassembling the your bottle into its individual components and placing each item on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Does the MOUS fitness bottle come with a whisk ball?

We wanted to remove all unnecessary features and make the MOUS fitness bottle as simple as possible. Therefore the MOUS fitness bottle does not come with a whisk ball. After extensive testing it was proved that a whisk ball was not required and that the unique shape of the MOUS fitness bottle ensures a mixed drink.



Where do we ship?

MOUS is limited to the countries we ship too. This is due to our warehouse location and the shipping providers we work with. From this store, MOUS only ships to locations within Australia and Hong Kong. Shipping to the United States, United Kingdom and Europe is available via our other store unless stock has depleted.

How much do you charge for shipping?

At checkout we offer a range of shipping options which vary in price. These prices vary depending on the shipping provider and service that you choose to use.

Please note the prices associated with these shipping options are calculated by our shipping providers, not MOUS.

When can I expect to receive my order?

We post your order the next business day after the day you place your order. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be posted the following Monday. Generally, orders within Australia will take between 2-6 business days (International please note longer waiting times). Please note delays could be experienced due to uncontrollable courier delays. For more information please see our Shipping page located under Customer Care.

 I've entered the wrong shipping address, how do I change it?

If you have entered the wrong shipping address please contact us via email. All of our contact details are located on the Contact Us page, accessible via the Customer Care. Unfortunately, if your product has already been shipped and you have entered the wrong shipping address, MOUS cannot redirect your item to another location, and will not replace or refund your purchase.

 I’ve received the wrong order/colour, what do I do?

We apologize if your order is not 100 percent correct. If this is an error on MOUS's behaIf, we would love to help.  Please contact us via email, our contact details are located on the Contact Us page, accessible via the Customer Care page. 

What is our refund and replacement policy?

If you require a replacement or refund please visit our Replacement and Refund page. This page covers our entire refund and replacement policy, including all terms and conditions that must be met. 

What is our return or exchange policy?

MOUS does not offer a return or exchange policy, rather we offer refunds or replacements. Please see our Returns and Replacements page for our full policy, located within Customer Care.