Build a stronger core and better muscular endurance with this advanced TRX workout by Troy Brooks!

This week’s workout has been created by Troy Brooks. Troy is a fitness professional and motivational coach whose main goal is to impact and change lives through fitness and a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Troy has created this challenging routine specifically for advanced athletes male and female. The workout targets the entire body with an emphasis on core strength. It focuses on incorporating resistance and tempo change to help build muscular endurance. It’s a great workout that can be completed in the comfort of your own home, park or wherever else you please – a pair of TRX suspension trainers a resistance band and a jump rope will get the job done - no gym no problem!


Before we begin some more about Troy!

To understand his passion for living a healthy and fit lifestyle, Troy had to overcome health challenges of his own. One of his greatest accomplishments was losing over 67lbs in 9 months by making healthy lifestyle changes. It was through overcoming his own health struggles that inspired him to share his knowledge with others and become the best fitness professional he could be.

He is an experienced personal trainer whose clients range from Ralph Lauren, Inside Edition, The Wendy Williams Show, LVMH, Hublot and the National Basketball Association, just to name a few.

Troy challenges his clients to be their best physically through strength training - and mentally by adapting a growth mind-set.  His mission is to provide a fun, safe, and progressive platform for his clients. By teaching exercises with proper form and technique, clients will learn how to move and function better in their everyday lives.

Troy is currently studying to become a "Precision Nutrition" coach to help his clients achieve their results with a real world approach. Clients will learn how to build a healthy relationship with food and how nutrition and performance lead to optimal body composition.

Now for the workout!


Workout – Full Body Muscle Endurance



TRX inverted row with a three second eccentric count


  • Invert your body with your heels down and toes up.
  • Row with a slow three second lowering phase of time under tension
  • Complete for 12 repetitions.


Resistance band push-up

By adding the bands we are adding resistance to our push up.


  • Wrap bands through palms and place around upper back.
  • Pin legs together keep leg locked (quads activated ) glutes tight and elbows back.
  • At a steady speed complete 10-12 repetitions focusing on muscle control. 


TRX Bulgarian lunge with 5 sec eccentric phase


  • Place on 1 foot in double TRX straps.
  • Engage your core and keep a neutral spine and drive down into lunge position with a slow 5 second tempo.
  • Explode up out of the lunge and repeat for 10-12 repetitions per side. 


TRX atomic push-up to strict knee pike


  • Place both feet in TRX straps perform one push-up.
  • Drive both knees in towards your chest.
  • While knees are in flexed position without extending them back drive hips up into full Pike.
  • Attempt 10 to 12 repetitions. 


Resistance band bicep curl


  • Place both feet inside band.
  • Hold onto either side of the band and stretch until standing.
  • Complete bicep curl, 12-15 repetitions or as many as you can in 30 seconds. 


Jump rope double unders


  • With a jump rope begin skipping.
  • When pace is right complete as many double unders as you can get in 60 seconds.

Repeat the entire workout routine 3 to 5 times!


Are you up for the challenge? Good luck – you’ll need it!

If you enjoyed  this workout and want to find out more about Troy you can check him out at TB Elite Fitness and through the below links.


I. @troy_brooks

F. @tbelitefitness


Next weeks workout series is by Lena Marti! Lena has put together an awesome full body resistance band workout series to be completed in the comfort of your own home. Time to tone up! Stay tuned! 

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