Is There BPA in Your Water Bottle? Here’s Why You Should Be Worried

Manufacturers use Bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial chemical, to make all kinds of hard plastics. You'll find it in plastic dishes, food storage containers, baby bottles, and yes: Reusable water bottles and sports drink containers (don’t worry, you won’t find it in MOUS bottles!)

How BPA Gets Into Your Body

If there’s BPA in your body, studies say it got there through your diet. That's because your reusable water bottle and other food containers leach some of the BPA into your drink and food.

And those bottles and plastic packaging can have a pretty significant impact. Researchers found that when you avoid all BPA plastic water bottles and packaged foods, the levels of this chemical found in your urine dropped by nearly 70% in just a few days.

The Effects of BPA on Your Health

The list is frighteningly long:

  • BPA mimics the effects of estrogen. Too much estrogen for both men or women can wreak havoc on your exercise results, to say nothing of your general health.
  • BPA may be linked to more miscarriages in women, and poorer sperm health in men.
  • BPA in kids may make them more likely to be aggressive, hyperactive or anxious.
  • BPA is linked to a greater risk of cardiovascular problems, including diabetes and heart disease.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or wellness junkie, it’s also critical to note that BPA may make you gain weight. People who have a lot of this chemical in their system are far more likely to be obese.

Protect Yourself from BPA

  1. Toss out your current reusable water bottle or sports drink bottle and opt for a BPA-free one instead.

  1. Check the labels. On the bottom of containers, you’ll see triangular arrows with a number in the middle, these represent the plastic type. Avoid anything with the number “7” on it. Other packaging with the letters “PC” or the number “3” may also contain BPA.

  1. When possible, avoid canned or plastic-packaged foods.

  1. Never expose BPA plastic containers to heat. Heat causes more chemicals to leach from the plastic into the food or liquids contained in the package.

At MOUS your health is our focus! This is why we use the highest quality BPA free materials. Opt for the healthier choice.



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