Frozen or Fresh - Which Berries Are Best?

Not sure whether you should be opting for fresh, or heading to the frozen foods section when purchasing your berries?


The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. So we have broken these down into a simple ‘pros and cons’ list, to help you make a more informed choice next time you are out doing your grocery shopping.


Fresh Berries



  • When picked fresh off the plant, berries have the advantage of tasting their best and being consumed in their peak condition.


  • When fresh, they maintain their physical integrity which makes them more aesthetically appealing and enjoyable to eat at room temperature.



  • Often they are picked before they have completely ripened, allowing them to continue to mature while being transported (sometimes with the aid of chemicals). This means they miss out on reaching their maximum nutrient potential.


  • With the time needed to get from the plant to your mouth, the process of decaying has already started. Meaning they don’t last very long after purchasing, and often some have already begun to go off.


  • Unless they are grown organically, berries need to be washed to remove chemicals and pesticides. Often more pesticides and chemicals are used for berries that will be sold fresh because it helps to retain their integrity and make them last longer.


Frozen Berries



  • They are picked at their optimal ripeness, then washed and frozen immediately, locking in all the nutrients and preventing decay.


  • They last up to 12 months, meaning you can enjoy nutritious berries all year round. So you can store them in your freezer for when you need them, saving you from needing to go to the markets every time you crave a smoothie!


  • Berries grown for freezing don’t usually have as many pesticides or chemicals used on them.


  • They tend to be cheaper than the fresh alternatives.



  • When thawed some berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, tend to become mushy making them less enjoyable unless used in a smoothie, or for cooking.


  • Certain brands of frozen berries add sugar before freezing, so make sure you check the labels before purchasing, so you know what you are buying.

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