Go Longer, Harder and Faster with These Muscle Endurance-Boosting Drinks

Does your stamina need a kick?

From a plain, ol’ cup of coffee to some fancy-sounding scientific extracts, a handful of fitness supplements are used by athletes every day who want to improve their endurance in marathons, swimming, triathlons, or anywhere else that endurance and stamina matters!


  1. Branched Chain Amino Acids


BCAAs help your muscles generate energy.[1] Without enough BCAAs, your energy lags. Takings BCAA supplements has been shown to boost endurance by 15%,[2] which is big news for any racer, sprinter, swimmer, or other athlete.


We highly encourage using a pure BCAA extract. That way you know exactly what you are consuming and the effects it will have on your body. Unfortunately, some supplement brands have a range of fillers (some not so healthy) so be aware when choosing your preferred brand.


Dosage tips: Guys should take 12 grams or more of BCAAs daily, while women should aim for a minimum of 9 grams daily. For more information on BCAA's check out our article "What are BCAA's and how do they increase performance."


  1. Caffeine


Caffeine is such a powerful performance enhancer, the Olympics ban athletes from taking too much. Never fear: Researchers report that it’s endurance-enhancing benefits kick in at levels far lower than what the Olympics measure.[3]


It can help you last longer when competing in endurance sports, and improve your overall muscle speed.


Dosage tips: Everyone reacts to caffeine differently. Try an 8-ounce cup of (black) coffee 20-30 minutes before exercising and see if you notice improvements in your awareness, alertness and energy levels. Gradually increase the coffee if you’re still feeling sluggish.


  1. Creatine


Bodybuilders love creatine because it helps improve muscle mass, but that's not all it does! It also helps your muscle cells produce more energy, thereby reducing fatigue and improving stamina and endurance!


It can have positive effects for any sort of endurance sport that requires quick bursts of power and speed, such as sprinting or jumping.


Dosage tips: Start with 20 grams a day for seven days to build up the levels of creatine stored in your muscles. Then, take 5 grams daily. For more information about who can benefit from creatine, check out "Should you be taking creatine."


  1. Beet Juice


Many long-distance runners love beet juice, and for right reasons![4] It's a vegan-friendly source of nitrate, which your body converts into nitric oxide that helps with blood flow, muscle endurance and muscle contraction. Runners who take beet juice often see a significant reduction in their race times.


Dosage tips: Many athletes report seeing endurance boosts after sipping 500 ML of beet juice before a race.


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