The 4 Vitamins Every Athlete Should Be Taking

It turns out there are more reasons than one to pop a multivitamin every morning. That humble vitamin bottle may hold the secrets to stronger, more effective workouts.


  1. Vitamin B


Need an energy boost to cross the finish line or squeeze out a few more reps? B vitamins help your body turn sugar and protein into energy, and is especially beneficial when you're putting your body through the pressures of high-intensity exercise.[1] When looking for a vitamin B complex, make sure it contains the full range of B vitamins, including; thiamin, folate, B12, riboflavin and B6.


  1. Vitamin D


It turns out that a nice, golden tan isn’t the only benefit of enjoying the warm summer sun. Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, improves how efficiently your muscles work, and can even help reduce exercise-related fatigue so you can go further and push harder in the gym.[2]


Looking for a smoothie recipe high in vitamin D, you might want to try this delicious kiwi and matcha smoothie recipe.


  1. Magnesium


There are many athletic benefits to magnesium. For one, it improves energy metabolism, so you have more energy when you’re working out. Second, it’s linked with stronger bones, which helps keep you stable, strong and safe when doing high-impact exercises like box jumps or burpees. And finally, magnesium can help you relax and sleep at night, and sleep is essential for muscle growth and recovery.


  1. Vitamin E


When you put your body through the wear and tear of exercise, you also can occasionally weaken your immune system. That’s because your body is directing so much of its energy to repairing your body. This is one reason why some athletes, especially those who exercise for extended periods of time, may be more susceptible to colds, flus and other illnesses.


Don’t let getting sick sideline you. Vitamin E can help improve your immune system strength, so you can stick with your workout schedule without needing to take a sick day.


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