Build lean muscle, burn fat and increase your endurance with Quest Hawk's HIIT workout!

Do you want to build lean muscle, burn fat and increase your endurance? Well, you're in luck because this weeks workout series is by Quest Hawk and he has the answer you've been waiting for. Quest is a personal trainer and athlete with years of experience in the industry and takes a unique and formulated approached with is workouts to generate the best results! If there isn't one to miss it's this weeks workout series get started on workout one now!

high intensity interval training workout

But before the workout a little more about Quest!

Quest Hawk’s straight-forward approach combines his new school training methodology with old school fitness fundamentals to offer unique and highly effective workouts. Albert Einstein said it best,"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Quest Hawk has been involved in the industry for over 10 years & has provided his knowledge and passion to a wide range of clientele.

Why you first get involved in fitness?

Getting involved with fitness at a very young age; looking up to family members who were athletes and trainers. Always wanting to push himself further he continuously seeks out different forms of fitness to challenge himself and learn from has helped him design very unique and highly effective workouts for his followers and clients.

Why you love living a healthy/active lifestyle and the benefits of doing so?

Exploring and always looking to search for the next fit challenge to overcome, whether it be one more set, 10 more reps, rock climbing or an obstacle course race... This mindset will push you further and faster ahead in life than anything else. Living the fit routine won't just shape your body but it will build a mind that is capable of accomplishing the hard sets in life.

What is the one piece of advice that you would give to encourage anyone to start/continue a healthy and active lifestyle?

We get one chance at this life, one opportunity with this body. Money, Titles, Popularity none of it matters if you don't have your health & wellness. So next time you say you don't have time remember living the fit lifestyle only adds time!

Regarding your workout, what is it fundamentally based around and what does it help to achieve/why should a workout of this sort be done and who will benefit from it?

This workout series is based on high intensity interval training, H.I.I.T. These workouts are geared to increase your cardiovascular endurance whilst building lean muscle mass and burning fat!

This workout answers the age old question “Can I pack on muscle and lose fat?” Yes you can! By doing short quick burst of high intensity movements mixed with fundamental functional weight training we can create the perfect formula to shed fat, get ripped and build our endurance.


Workout #1 - Monday: HIIT

Equipment required: Kettlebell and a jump rope.

Let's Work!

Jump Rope 30 seconds

Kettlebell Swings


  • Stand over the kettlebells with feet hip-width apart, chest up, shoulders back. 
  • Get into a sqat position and grip the kettlebell with your palms facing you. 
  • Stand tall ad keep your arms long and loose while retracting your shoulder blades. Make sure to engage your core. 
  • Driving through your heels explode through the hips to send the kettlebell swinging upwards and forwards. Aim to swing the bell to chest height and in one motion at the top point of your swing thrust hips slightly forward contracting your core and butt cheeks. 
  • As you begin to descend back into starting position make sure you drive your weight through your heals, keep your shoulders back and core activated.
  • Complete for 30 seconds

how to do kettle bell swings

kettle bell workout

Single Arm Kettlebell Swings


  • The same as above however complete with one arm keeping the other arm by your side
  • Complete for 30 seconds each arm

Kettlebell Plank Knee Tucks 


  • Get into a plank position however rather than being on your elbows, hold onto the kettlebell, directly under your chest and extend your arms
  • When ready bring one knee up to your chest then return it back to the starting position. Complete this with the other leg - it should be a continuous motion
  • Complete for 30 seconds

how to do kettle bell knee tucks

hiit workout

Kettlebell Plank Rows 


  • Get into the kettlebell plank position. Place one hand on the ground the other on the kettlebell and feet shoulder width apart
  • Balancing on your feet and hand on the ground bring the kettle bell up to your chest keeping your elbow and arm aligned to your body
  • Make sure to activate your core the entire time
  • Complete this for each side for 30 seconds

Kettlebell Goblet Squats 


  • Get into a squat position. Hold the kettlebell handle from both sides at your chest position
  • Drop into a squat and explode out
  • Complete for 30 seconds

Single Arm Kettlebell Squats Overhead Press 


  • Get into a squat position
  • Hold the kettlebell in one hand over your shoulder
  • Extend your free arm directly in-front of your body
  • Lower into a squat position once you reach the lowest point of your squat, pause extend the dumbbell upward until your arm is extended, lower the dumbbell back to its starting position and explode out of the squat
  • Complete both sides for 30 seconds

Now that's only one round! Complete the round multiple times depending on your skill level. 

Beginners - 3 Rounds | 60 seconds rest between rounds | 15 seconds each exercise

Intermediate - 5 Rounds | 60 seconds rest between rounds | 30 seconds each exercise

Savage - 5 Rounds | 30 seconds rest between rounds | 30 seconds each exercise


What are you waiting for, get to it! For the best results complete this workout 2-3 times a week and watch your strength and fitness sky rocket!

Don't forget to say hello to Quest, he's a social guy and would love to hear from you. Catch him below!


I: @questhawk_fit

F: @questhawk


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