Get fit with Giddy! Total body workout to challenge strength, endurance and athleticism! Part 2

It's a new week and time for a new workout! This week we are lucky enough to have Gideon Akande put together a three part workout series focused on cardiovascular endurance and building a stronger core. Gideon a life long athlete and Men's Health Magazines next top trainer makes this workout challenging yet fun and perfect for all experience levels. You only get out what you put in with this workout. Now getfitwithgiddy!

gideon akande full body workout

Workout #2 - Monday: Core!

Complete the entire round 3-5 times! This session is all about how hard you push your self! The more you put in the more you'll get out of it!

Tricep Floor Press


Bicycle Scissor Pauses 

Bent Row
 Heel Touches
Curl to Shoulder Press
Elevated Leg Crunch
Half Kneeling Row to Kickback
How did you go with Gideons core workout? Your core should be sore!
Gideon's final workout is on Friday and tit is another workout based on core endurance and strength, don't miss it!
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