Recipe: Water infusion to kickstart your metabolism

We hear it all the time, that the key to burning fat and ultimately weight loss is having a fast metabolism. But what actually is metabolism? 

Metabolism is the process that occurs in the body which keeps our bodies functioning, it is responsible for keeping us breathing, moving and ultimately alive. It’s the process that occurs in our body when food or stored energy sources are converted into energy for everyday physical and mental, conscious and non-conscious activities that our bodies complete.

Food is broken down into one of three things; proteins (which is converted to amino acids the building blocks of our muscles), carbohydrates (converted into glucose, sugar, an important energy source utilized by all the cells in our body) and fat (which is converted into fatty acids and used as a secondary energy source after glucose stores are depleted).

On top of this, our metabolism is partially responsible for cleansing our body of waste and toxins, as it controls the processing of food and the functioning of body organs. So does this mean that a fast metabolism actually helps with weight loss and assist with the burning of fat?

To some extent yes. By increasing your metabolic rate, your body breaks down food more efficiently and promotes the ability to remove these toxins and waste more effectively.

A slower metabolism will lead to a greater accumulation of waste which will eventuate into an accumulation of excess fat cells that are not being used by the body and rather are stored as fat. Therefore increasing your metabolic rate definitely can’t hurt!

For a tasty, refreshing and effective way to increase your metabolism and get energized try this water infusion.



What are the ingredients good for?
As we now know, your metabolism is responsible for the breakdown of nutrients from food and converting these nutrients into energy.

When we eat more than what our body requires the excess nutrients are typically stored in our body as fat.

The acidic properties and high levels of vitamin C found in citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, and orange help to increase your metabolic rate and encourage it to stay active for longer. Thus it can assist with fat loss and allow your body to use nutrients more effectively

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