Why does my supplement shaker smell?

Ever noticed an off-putting odour coming from your supplement shaker that even an intense clean doesn't seem to be able to budge?


Wondered why?


The answer is actually a bit gross, so you might want to prepare yourself….


That smell is actually only a symptom of a much bigger problem; moisture loving, bad bacteria that is feasting on the build-up of protein powders and water/milk.


Even if you clean your supplement shaker well, everyday wear and tear that occurs to cheap plastic from repeated washing and reuse, can lead to a breakdown that causes tiny cracks and general thinning.


It is in these microscopic cracks that bacteria cling and multiply, creating a terrible odour and posing a potential health risk!


You might be wondering just how dangerous this bacteria can be?


About 60% of the bacteria that live in your reusable supplement shaker can make you sick, including ‘gram-negative rod bacteria’, such as E.Coli, and ‘gram-positive cocci bacteria’ that can cause a range of illnesses including strep throat and even blood poisoning. 


For more information about the harms of each type of bacteria, visit "Types of Bacteria."


When you consider that by the time you can smell your shaker (even after washing it) there are around 300,000 colony-forming units of viable bacteria cells, per square centimetre growing in it. 


For more details about just how affected your bottle may be, visit "What's that growing in your bottle."


That makes drinking from it worse than licking your pets food bowl!


So what can you do to prevent this?


Firstly, never leave unfinished supplements to sit in room temperatures for prolonged periods. This is just asking for trouble. Try to rinse your shaker out with hot water immediately after use, or as soon as possible.

For any extra-stubborn glue-like residue that can form when the supplement hasn’t completely mixed with the water, try using an effervescent denture cleaning tablet (available in most leading supermarkets). Pop one in and leave it for half an hour before cleaning.


Secondly, dry your container thoroughly after washing and between uses. If there is moisture then bacteria can form and grow.


Thirdly, and most importantly, use MOUS! MOUS is designed for this exact reason, we adopt an easy to clean design that minimises the ability of bacteria accumulation whilst also adopting the highest quality materials! You can purchase your MOUS Fitness Bottle here. 

Don't be afraid, be aware!



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